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It doesn’t matter how much or little someone has, they’ve always got enough to share with a friend.Whether it’s a beer or some of their time, nothing is too much trouble to help out a mate.The person turning you down will probably be of the type that offers to go out for a drink anyway, “But just as mates, aye.”There was an All Black, living in Wellington, who was lauded as being one of the best-looking blokes on the team. After a moment of confusion, he asked whether anyone wanted a cheeseburger (from a stash he’d bought for himself on his way home) and handed out some to those disbelieving students that wanted one. If you want a man or woman who can fix a car, tend a veggie patch, surf, ride a horse or help you organise an event, then a Kiwi is who you’re after.That’s not to say that every New Zealander can do everything, but they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty and have a go at whatever it is that needs doing.Currently available to people living in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch or Dunedin, the dating process starts with a message to the Rendezvous Facebook page.It acts as a chatbot which asks you a number of questions about your availability and gender preference, before taking that information and pairing you up with other single-pringles in the area."What it's really about is making sure people get to know one another in person rather than through a screen," says Ms Smith.This may sound terrifying to some, but she says there are options for users based on their confidence levels. You can also choose a go-blind option which removes both their photo and your photo so the first time you see each other is in person." Depending on how well the app is received, the trio hopes to expand the number of areas it's available in.

The thing is though that even then, it’ll be in the most humble, conciliatory way possible. This All Black — and remember an All Black rugby player is basically a god to many in New Zealand — on his way home from a fancy-dress party one night turned up at a university flat party by mistake, wearing a red afro wig.A pair of enterprising Kiwis has launched a dating app which aims to cut boring small talk and get people meeting in person.Wellington-based Jessica Smith and Elliot Riley are trying to shake up the millennial dating scene with their newly launched service Rendezvous.After the date, the app will ask for feedback on the other person - and you can let it know whether they were a no-show, a complete psycho, or just a really nice guy aged 22-35, with a hot body, great humour, ambition, and a stable career.The idea was conceived by Ms Smith and Mr Riley in November last year with help from Europe-based technical co-founder James Mc Cann.

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  1. “Our schools need to be safe havens for all students, and it is critical that we provide school leaders with tools and resources to help them become stronger partners in reducing teen dating violence and other forms of gender-based violence…